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[VIDEO] They Goofed All The Way… Making The Spectacular Spectacularly Funny!

Double Dan funny goof

OK, they run into trouble. Horses may be at their best and sometimes… you know, the grain of sand.

These two guys – the two Dans, you may know them – who are experienced showmen with very well behaved horses, seem to get into trouble.

For a long time, I wondered… are they really in trouble or is it part of the show? Hard to say!

The title of the video is “Horses get out of control”… is it really true or is it fake. Anyway, these two guys have a sense of humor, that’s for sure.

When I was over, I guessed that…. hey, I’m not telling you… what do YOU think happened? True, fake, something else…

It’d be fun to have everybody’s comments to see what we all think. You’re welcome to give your opinion under the video 🙂

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