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[VIDEO] A Stallion Tries To Pick Her Horse Up During Her Eventing Course

Loose stallion on the course


You wonder, sometimes, how far it can go when you’re in the field of horse shows.

Many things may happen, coming from outside, on top, of course, of all that can happen to you-yourself.

But seeing a stallion paying court to your horse during you eventing course… that’s to store in the extraordinary happenings of your life… the thing you still talk about years later 😉

We all have some of those moments, right? This one is very spectacular

PS: We just learned that Kendra, the rider of Cody is asking for help right now. Cody got hurt in a car accident on his way to yet another 3 days event and has needed costly vet care. He seems to be on his way to recovery. Here is the whole story at


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