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The Most Hilarious Mockery Of Grand Prix Dressage

sideway thing

I absolutely cannot resist this one… and I feel for my daughter who had a cracked rib when she watched it… she was in agony all the way, but she couldn’t quit either ! That’s how good it is 😉

It’s hilarious because Brett Kidding, a beautiful dressage rider, derides  his performance… which is of very high level, by the way. Do note that he’s riding in filet and that he knows better than hurting one of his best horses!!! It has been presented during a Dressage Convention.

The crème de la crème is that he’s wired, and he adds all the “thoughts” and “talks” to the acts… hilarious, really!

The audience laughing is live (no added laughs to cue the viewers!)… and you will end up laughing a lot yourself, I know it.

For your information, Brett Kidding – his name is so well suited for this type of show, don’t you think? – is a high class dressage competitive rider who teaches horses ADN riders to remove stress and rigidity from their performances… and regular riding too. His horsemanship method is named TRT Method.

But, for now, let’s enjoy… It is just simply too much, from beginning to end….

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18 Comments on The Most Hilarious Mockery Of Grand Prix Dressage

    • Yeah, I agree, Cindy, I rode with Chuck back in the dark ages also when he was such a bright light. He would have loved this.

  1. There is nothing funny about what that man is doing to that horse. He should know better, and that horse should have dumped him on his a**e.

    No, I am not an animal rights nut case, and no I’m not inexperienced where horses are concerned. I grew up on a horse farm, and my dad would literally have wore me out for doing that to a horse’s mouth and back.

    • Why the spurs for a parody? He was banging away on that poor horse’s sides with those damn spurs the whole time and yanking the bit in his poor mouth. If the horse is that well trained he should have been able to do that skit bitless and spur-less!

      • Look at what his feet and hands are actually doing. There’s a lot of exaggerated movement, sure, but his heels are hitting on the sides, not the back where the spurs are. The horse probably only is feeling a light brush of boot. Most of his movement is away from the horse’s sides. And the hand movement, look how the horse’s head moves. More often than not the horses head stays in one place, hardly twitching at all. If his over-the-top movements were doing what it looked like they were doing, that horse’s head and nose would have a lot more motion. Also, any one of those movements, making contact, would make even the most de-sensitized horse make “ouch” motions. head raising, skirting sideways, tail flicks, anything. This horse is doing none of that. So while it looks like he’s riding this horse hard, obviously he knows enough of what he’s doing to not actually harm his horse. And then if you look him up, you’ll see that he’s actually a very accomplished rider who is extremely good at using minimal cues to get his horses to do their job.

        • Your 1000% right. He’s a very accomplished rider and a horse lover… with a fantastic sens of humor. I don’t get tired of him ! It’s one of his best horses too… and I bet it’s a playful one at that…

      • That’s ridiculous. Seriously? “He should have been able to do that bit less and spur less?” Um- have you ever seen a Dressage test that advanced? Doubtful, if you are making such comments. I’d love to see YOUR video of you and your mount doing 6 count canter half passes each way- passage, medium and collected trot and canter… Please- show us all.

    • Oh seriously Helen, that horse is dong exactly what he is asking…it is truly too bad you can’t see the excellence in front of you. Only the best athletes can perform in such a way as to make it look disastrous, very few are so gifted to perform at this amazing level…

    • watch that tail….look at the relaxation……bouyancy…..ears…..spurs are rarely touching if ever…the exageration would be awful if it was in earnest, but it is carefully oh so carefully done…and fooled you…..jus sayin….he is a master You can watch very unhappy horses at this level of competition all the time …learn to see the difference

  2. Fantastic spoof! (I would love it if closed captioning could be added. my computer’s speaker is poor quality, and i had trouble understanding everything.) Thanks!!!

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