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What This Ranch Horse Does In His Free Time Will Blow Your Mind!


We sometimes have this vision that horses are exploited by man and that they are “made to work” most of the time.

Sure, you’re not going to see a free horse in an outside arena prepare a little course for himself and jump obstacles. He needs some sollicitation, right? Although we know of horses that are happy to… oblige, or  who actually enjoy having fun with their rider, you don’t see horses use their leisure time to “work” their everyday work. It would be like doing office work during the holidays for an office clerk… unseen!

Well unseen… so far.

The horse in this video is different. He loves cutting. And when he’s all alone with a group of cows, he chooses one and PLAYS cutting ! And it’s serious playing I’m sure these cows had no intention to be partners in this fooling around… but not to avail, he wants to play cutting !

The only situation that comes to my mind that has some similarity with this is those shepherd dogs who can’t see sheep without needing to gather and guard them in a tight flock… although they aren’t supposed to do it. It’s in their genes and the training does only one thing: emphasize this trait.

So what do you think. Are Mom and Dad cutting horses too? It might be in his genes.

Let’s have a look at this guy, he’s really serious about his playing business!

The video is of poor quality… I guess it was taped unexpectedly, without an appropriate camera.  I’m sorry about that.

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6 Comments on What This Ranch Horse Does In His Free Time Will Blow Your Mind!

    • He’s like kids playing… when they’re completely lost in their games, it takes a lot to take them out 😉

  1. I had a barrel horse that would run the barrels by himself. You turned him into the arena and he would actually do the pattern on his own. He loved running the barrels.

  2. That appears to be an old 8mm of Randall’s King. Many of the old horses were aloud to do this at times. They had alot of cow. Not very good practice anymore. Times change.

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