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Foaling: Very Short And Very Good News !

one day old foal

Some women deliver their babies quickly and swiftly, for some it’s long, stressful and painful… and you can find anything in between.

I can’t remember all the horror stories I’ve heard about giving birth, it seems that it’s a common subject to talk about when you get pregnant !

Now, what about foaling ? Do mares stress, when, how does it work for them ?

That’s what a team of European veterinarians have studied in horses and other animals.

They say that – except in cases of complications – foaling is fast and stress-free.

For mares, the labor (the active part when the foal is actually delivered) lasts about 10 to 20 minutes in average, fAr shorter than in humans.

They have monitored the stress level during the whole foaling, using electrocardiograms and the level of stress hormones in the saliva and the blood.

Well, amazingly enough, mares are almost more relaxed when foaling than at other times !

“Normal foaling appears to cause just the opposite of a stress response,” reports lead researcher veterinarian Christina Nagel.

All the mares in the study foaled at night, when the stable was quiet. They can actually delay the moment of birth to make sure the conditions are best.

What happens is that they appear to be in full relaxation (from the recorded signs), be it before, during the birth and even after when they take care of the new-born foal.

For horses, it seems, giving birth is a very different experience than it is for humans—and it’s different in ways that probably helped horses survive in the wild, says veterinarian Christine Aurich, head of the Graf Lehndorff Institute.

These amazingly good news can be found in a very short – but oh so reassuring – article Stress-free Foaling

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The cutest photo of a foal just born was taken by smerikal on Flickr

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