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Bud Clydesdale Eight Horse Team Crashes In a Heap… And Still a Lesson For All Horses And Riders

clydesdale half turn


It’s the video of an accident… OK, don’t threat, NO harm done apart to the material stuff.

It starts with a staggering demonstration of maneuverability by this eight horse team in a rather small arena. Just that is worth watching the video !

Then, the unthinkable happens… and I’m not going to say one more word. It is a demonstration – a lesson – for all riders and horses on the planet ! You might think I’m exaggerating… wait until you’ve seen it all and you tell me! Don’t stop the video at the moment of the accident, it’s all what comes after that is the most amazing of all. Hats off to the trainers and the handlers who are magnificent. And… the speaker is unexpectedly excellent as well, very didactic.

I am normally at ease with words, but this time I can’t find any that truly reflects my feelings.

And please bear with the video. It’s been taken by someone in the audience… thanks heaven, it’s been taped.


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3 Comments on Bud Clydesdale Eight Horse Team Crashes In a Heap… And Still a Lesson For All Horses And Riders

      • Wow Judy, I am so sorry to hear about Baja and his cancer. This makes me so sad. I know for a FACT that you being there for him and still trenitag him as a horse and friend will make him spend the time he has left on earth the best he could spend anywhere. You are so right, I often take for granted the gifts God has given me to take care of and I do not want to do that. Everyday, every person and animal I hold dear to me, should be such a joy. Thank you for reminding me. I am proud to be a part of the Heart of Tucson because it makes me remember that life is precious and love is forgiving. So many hurt horses that I have seen in my last month or so go through Heart, have brought inspiration and renewed HOPE AND FAITH in life. I call them Miracles because if it wasn’t for HEART, these animals would have died. Baja is giving us his best and we are giving all of the rescues our best. THAT is what life is all about. Heart gives comfort, love and healing to EVERYONE involved. Thank you Domino, Tamale, Baja and the rest of ya all for giving us love, comfort and healing too! We love and cherish you all. P.S. Judy, thanks for making me cry so early in the morning, but it is a good cry, a good reminder to remember how much I can love. Keep it up : ) And as for Digalow and my first pony Fantasy, they are both proud that we are out there saving their friends They are probably saying keep it up moms, don’t give up One horse at a time makes a GREAT difference!

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