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About Me

Horse fan since… as far as I can remember

Rider since the age of 10… in Paris,  France, mind you, which is not your typically horsey place to ride and be passionate for horses

Competitor in dressage, jumping, 3-days events… and even on the race course in France

English rider by training… western rider when I lived in Canada

Passed the equine virus to my two daughters, one of which is now a Horse Dentist in Aquitaine. France, you know the place where they grow Bordeaux wines

Proud owner of a wonderful palomino Quarter Horse mare (and her foal)… who flew back to France with us when we came back… since deceased

Retired and blogger… now my Love for Horses and Equines makes me roam the internet and I decided to gather and post everything I found that was of value. A best of, in fact. I don’t belong to a particular school, I love all types of riding and trainings that respect the horses, which is the center of my interest.